About us

about us

Reward Financial Services is an independent firm looking after the affairs of a small number of individuals and families. We manage people’s wealth, and give advice on a range of matters. Everything we do is based on the financial plans we produce for all our clients.

Many firms managing wealth today concern themselves only with the assets you have today. Our way looks at how your assets need to support you and your lifestyle into the future, so that you can use that knowledge to inform the financial decisions you make today.

Each of our clients has found the financial planning approach to be enlightening and informative, providing them the degree of clarity they need to make good financial decisions.

Our company remains small enough to provide an individual and personal service. We have no desire to become so large that a client becomes an account number rather than a person.

We plan your future, so you enjoy the present


We are proud to deliver on promises.


You want the truth; even when it’s uncomfortable.

Making a difference

Put your needs first before our own.


We treat everyone as we like to be treated ourselves.


I had been giving thought to consolidate 4 separate company pensions I had, spread around various companies. I was lucky enough to come into contact with Sonali, who was quick to respond to my request for advice and guidance. Sonali met me three times over the course of about three months and she explained the options available to me and guided me in terms of the level of risk that was appropriate for my circumstances.
I am pleased to say that Sonali has now successfully managed the transfer of my various pensions into a consolidated fund that is already starting to deliver performance. I am happy to recommend Sonali to others.


Sonali is very approachable, professional and knowledgeable about the financial markets and explains things in layman’s terms, I would definitely recommend her as an adviser.


Sonali was recommended to me by a friend and that has been truly justified. Incredibly professional and thorough and she ensured I understood each step of the process.


I found Sonali to be highly professional , helpful and always just a phone call away. I have also recommended her to another family member.

S Gibbs

Sonali is a very pleasant and knowledgeable young woman who was able to guide me through the complexities of choosing and setting up both a pension and life insurance. Everything went through exactly as she predicted, with no need on my part to revisit any of the information sent to the pension provider. Sonali dealt with the provider exclusively, keeping me informed of progress whenever necessary. She was also able to make informed decisions regarding the type of pension which would be most suitable for me, and was able to back up her decisions with performance figures from various pension options.

Mr Bradley