Pensions and Retirement


After working hard your entire life, you want to maximise your income in retirement by making smart choices with your pensions and other investments. Considering the most suitable retirement income options is about much more than securing the most competitive annuity rate, although that is an important part of the service we provide to clients at retirement.

We work with individuals to help them understand the value of the pension assets they have accumulated and the options they have for maximising the capital and income from these pensions.

By navigating the range of often complex retirement income options, we recommend the right solutions to meet your objectives in retirement; securing your income, providing for your dependents and keeping tax efficiency in mind.

Whether the right option for you is a conventional annuity, drawdown pension or another retirement income option, we help you understand the choices before researching the whole of the market to select the best solution. If you are taking medication or are in poor health, we help you access enhanced annuity rates which could boost your income in retirement considerably.