Tax and Estate Planning


Over their lifetime (and even on their death) most people will pay significantly more tax than they need to. As we accumulate wealth throughout our lives we often become more concerned with its preservation for future generations. Inheritance tax can take a big bite for the tax man, but there are several ways to mitigate the bill and we will explain them. We can help you with thorough and expert estate planning that takes into account all kinds of assets.

You may also need to consider later life planning. We can look at trusts as well as identify and minimise the tax liability on your estate, ensuring that the wealth you spent a lifetime building is there for you when you need it most and ultimately passes on to your loved ones

We also work alongside our client’s solicitor and accountant to provide a cohesive approach to managing their wealth in a tax efficient way. And with your professional advisers working together, it allows you to relax and enjoy life more